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Structure of the toolkit

The Toolkit consists of a methodological Company guide supplemented by three Technical Resource Packages (TRP)Sector Guidelines and Case Studies.

The Company guide provides guidance in the form of six phases to identify hotspots and business opportunities, and implement innovative solutions aimed at improving the sound management of chemicals at companies in the chemical products’ value chain.


Figure 1: Overview of the structure

The identification of chemicals management hotspots as well as the generation and implementation of innovative solutions is supported by the three TRPs offering a wide range of technical solutions on the topics: Green Chemistry & chemical process improvement, Hazard Management, and Operational Excellence. It is also adviced to visit the Chemical Leasing toolkit devoted to a sustainable chemicals service solution that promotes the sound management of chemicals and chemical waste.

Additional technical resources on specific topics in the chemical products’ value chain are available in the form of Sector guidelines.

The Case studies demonstrate the benefits resulting from applying the IAMC methodology together to achieve improvements in chemicals management and business performance. The Case studies can be used to support consultants in marketing their services and the IAMC approach to potential client companies.

The Toolkit user can select a topic of interest by reviewing the content of the technical resources or following recommendations in each methodological phase.

The user can also consult the Toolkit map, which helps to identify where the relevant information for each methodological phase can be found.

Figure 2: Detailed structure

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