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Get started

The aim of this phase is to support the selection of companies suitable for the IAMC approach. In order to set the foundation for conducting an IAMC project with the selected company, the Toolkit user will learn how to:

  • Characterise the company’s strategy, product portfolio and value chain trends
  • Characterise the company’s experience with Operational Excellence, sustainability and innovation
  • Set ambitions and form an Innovation Team

Deliverables of this phase:

  • Summary of the company’s business strategy and value chain trends
  • Agreement on project ambition and team; initial recommendations for continuous improvement

Follow the key tasks:

  • Select the right company and land the client
  • Characterize the company’s strategy, product portfolio and main trends in their value chain
  • Characterize the company’s experience in innovation
  • Identify initial possibilities for continuous improvement
  • Set ambitions and form an innovation team

See the respective presentation to learn more:

Get started