Learning materials

Learning materials

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Assess hotspots and unmet needs

Assess hotspots PDF icon B12_1_Assess_hotspots_F.pdf
Assess customer unmet needs PDF icon B12_2_Assess customer unmet needsF.pdf

Generate options

Generate innovative options PDF icon B13_1_Generate options_F.pdf
Brainstorming PDF icon B13_2_Brainstorming innovation_F.pdf

Select options

Select options PDF icon B14_1_Select options_F.pdf

Implement and monitor

Implement and monitor PDF icon B15_1_Implement-monitor_F.pdf

Review and improve

Review and improve PDF icon B16_1_Review-improve_F.pdf

Technical resources

Green Chemistry and chemical process improvement

Introduction to Green Chemistry techniques PDF icon C11_1_Intro to GC techniques_F.pdf
Green Chemistry impacts in batch chemical processing PDF icon C11_2_GC impacts_F.pdf
Substitution of chemicals PDF icon C12_1_Moving towards safer chemicals_F.pdf
Secondary raw materials PDF icon C13_1_Secondary Raw Materials (Polymers)_F.pdf
Resource-efficiency potential PDF icon C21_1_RE benchmarks_FINAL-WEB.pdf
Good practice PDF icon C21_2_Good practice overview_F.pdf
Introduction to cleaning PDF icon C22_0_Introduction to cleaning_F.pdf
VOC abatement techniques PDF icon C22_1_VOC Abatement Techniques _F.pdf
VOC substitution techniques PDF icon C22_2_VOC Substitution Techniques _F.pdf
Cleaning in place PDF icon C22_3_Cleaning-in-Place_F.pdf
Product recovery PDF icon C22_4_Product Recovery_F.pdf

Hazard Management

Chemical classification and labelling PDF icon D11_1_Chem class and lab_F.pdf
Safety data sheets PDF icon D11_2_Safety_Data_Sheets-F.pdf
Risk assessment PDF icon D12_1_Risk assessment_F.pdf
Safety rules PDF icon D13_1_Safety rules_F.pdf
Personal protective equipment PDF icon D14_1_Personal protective equipment_F.pdf
Skin protection PDF icon D15_1_Skin protection_F.pdf
Emergency escape ways PDF icon D16_1_Emergency escape ways_F.pdf
Acids and bases handling PDF icon D17_1_Acids and bases handling_F.pdf
Solvents handling PDF icon D17_2_Solvents handling_F.pdf
Safety in gas tank handling PDF icon D18_1_Safety in gas tank handling_F.pdf
Internal transport of chemicals PDF icon D21_1_Internal transport chemicals_F.pdf
Internal pedestrian routes PDF icon D22_1_Internal person traffic_F.pdf
Storage of hazardous materials PDF icon D23_1_Storage_of_Hazardous_materials_F.pdf
Fire protection PDF icon D31_1_Fire protection_F.pdf
Fire protection at welding and cutting PDF icon D32_1_Fire protection at welding and cutting_F.pdf
Explosion protection PDF icon D33_1_Explosion protection_F.pdf
Container cleaning PDF icon D34_1_Container cleaning_F.pdf
Emergency response PDF icon D4_1_Emergency response_F.pdf

Operational Excellence

Introduction to Operational Excellence PDF icon E11_1_Intro to Operational-Excellence_F.pdf
Value stream mapping PDF icon E12_1_Value-Stream-Mapping-F.pdf
Production planning optimization PDF icon E13_1_Production planning optimization_F.pdf

Other materials


Company assessment template – for NCPC PDF icon Company innovation assessment template-NCPC.pdf.pdf