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Operational Excellence

The package provides an introduction to different elements of Operational Excellence which can lead to resource efficiency & productivity improvements as well as cost savings. This package shows how value stream  mapping can be used to systematically measure and improve company efficiency and productivity, and provides guidance on how optimize production planning of chemical products.

The package topics are:

  1. Introduction to Operational Excellence
  2. Value stream mapping in the chemical industry
  3. Production planning & optimization in the chemical industry

This package explains how users can reduce waste (labor, materials, money) and improve business productivity through the systematic application of good practices in Operational Excellence.

This package is addressed to consultants working with producers of chemicals, formulators of chemicals, and industrial users of chemicals. It is primarily aimed at company management, production managers, and logistics managers.

Companies are advised to give priority to legal standards. If no national legal framework is available, the recommendations provided in this toolkit can be used.