What are the benefits?

What are the benefits?

Learn about potential benefits of applying the IAMC Toolkit:

For consulting companies, potential benefits of applying the IAMC Toolkit include:

  • development of a service portfolio with additional services in the field of chemicals management
  • creating higher value for industrial customers
  • higher competitiveness on the consultancy market
  • provision of innovative and effective business and technical solutions
  • extension of know-how and professional network

A consultant will learn how to conduct innovation assessments in order to identify possible areas for the improvement of chemicals management and provide technical assistance to implementing actors in the industrial sector, reducing their chemicals consumption and risks related to humans and the environment. The toolkit provides a number of relevant learning materials, supporting capacity building and flexible framework for generating creative and innovative solutions.

For industries where IAMC projects take place, potential benefits of participating in IAMC projects and following the proposed methodology are considerable. They might include:

  • increased (chemical) resource efficiency
  • better occupational health and safety
  • potential elimination or substitution of hazardous chemicals/processes or substituting them with safer ones
  • lower environmental impact (e.g. less waste production, less air and water pollution)
  • better business productivity and creating higher value for customers
  • continuous improvement and compliance with international regulations and policy frameworks
  • framework for sustainable innovation
  • lower maintenance and operational costs
  • improved image as an innovative company
  • capacity building