Good practices in chemicals management

Good practices at a plant manufacturing or using chemicals can lead to significant improvements in resource efficiency and innovation over time, resulting in valuable cost savings. This presentation provides good practices organized per major process step (e.g. synthesis & formulation, separation) to:

  • Improve resource efficiency for chemicals, water and energy;
  • Minimize chemical-related waste emissions, hazards and risks

Good practices in chemicals management


  • Introduction to good practices in the chemical industry
  • Core processes
    • Synthesis and formulation
    • Separation and finishing processes
    • Process equipment cleaning and maintenance
    • Storage
  • Infrastructure
    • General good practices for infrastructure
    • Boilers and furnaces
    • Cooling towers
    • Heat exchangers
    • Pumps, valves and piping

Key Messages

  • Good practices are techniques that, compared to other practices, have produced superior results over time.
  • The good practices covered here focus on the on-site manufacture and industrial use of chemicals and not the entire value chain of chemicals management.