Resource efficiency benchmarks in the chemical industry

Raw materials and waste are often the highest costs of production in the chemical industry. Improving material efficiency and reducing waste can significantly improve economic performance at a company and improve its environmental performance.

This presentation provides:

  • Formulas for calculating material, energy work and plant efficiency;
  • Example resource and pollution intensity benchmarks for selected chemical subsectors;
  • Example benchmarks for chemical consumption and waste for the production of specific chemicals (e.g. polystyrene).

Resource efficiency benchmarks in the chemical industry


  • Introduction to resource efficiency in the chemical sector
  • Example benchmarks
  • Chemical sector overview
  • Specific chemical processes
  • Introduction to EC BREF documents

Key Messages

  • Resource and pollution intensity indicators can be developed to drive continuous improvement and reduce costs at companies
  • Industry and sector-specific indicators can be used as a benchmark
  • Using the EC BREFS can
    • Increase process efficiency, rate of yield, etc.
    • Reduce environmental pollution, chemical input, etc.