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Secondary raw materials | IAMC

Secondary raw materials

In the production of plastic materials, raw material consumption and plastic waste after use has important life cycle impacts on society and the environment. Companies can innovate to recycle and reuse plastic products after use in save material, water and energy resources. This presentation provides guidance on the different types of waste management options and shows examples of how plastics and polymers can be physically recycled into new plastic products, or chemically recycled into virgin polymers and used as raw materials in the manufacture of plastic products.

Secondary raw materials


  • Production of plastics and waste
    • Global production
    • Life cycle impacts
    • Waste and waste management options
  • Recycling of plastics and polymers
    • Possibilities for recycling
    • Types of recycling
    • Case studies
  • Key messages

Key Messages

Life cycle thinking: Considering the entire production chain from raw materials extraction to end-of-life scenarios

Prevent and minimize plastic waste, reuse and recycle plastics

Recycling benefits:

  • Substituting raw materials
  • Increasing resource efficiency
  • Decreasing energy demand
  • Reducing pollution

Types of recycling:

  • Mechanical recycling (most favoured option)
  • Chemical recycling
  • Energy recovery