Explosion protection

This presentation explains the explosion hazard  and  the related possibility to form a potentially explosive atmosphere. The reader will be given information about the identification of ignition sources and the type of explosions that could occur. An introduction to the evaluation of the explosion risk and the prevention measures that can be put in place to avoid the creation of potentially explosive atmosphere is also given.

Explosion protection


  • Explosion hazard concepts
    • Potentially explosive atmosphere
    • Ignition sources
    • Types and effects of explosions
  • Risk assessment
  • Risk reduction measures
    • Prevention measures
    • Construction measures
    • Organizational measures

Key Messages

  • Explosion hazard concepts serve the identification, of the risk, that is therefore assessed to generate options. The risk reduction measures are implemented according to the selected options.
  • Risk reduction measures should be take according to substances characteristics. In particular constructive and organizational measures are accompanied by measures preventing the formation of potentially explosive atmosphere and iignition of potentially explosive and dangerous atmospheres.

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