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Fire protection in welding and cutting operations

Welding and cuttings operations in industry happen to be one of the most hazardous activities. The main hazards include mechanical hazards (e.g. toppling of gas cylinders, etc.), the spread of harmful gases and smoke as well as explosion and fire hazards.​ The presentation aims at providing sound measures to avoid such incidents. The reader will familiarize with the main hazards related to these activities and the preventive measures to implement before and during the execution of the works.

Fire protection in welding and cutting operations


  • Context
    • Welding and cutting operations
    • Hazards
  • Prevention measures

Key Messages

  • Obtain a welding and cutting permit if required by local regulations.
  • Prepare the working area (warning signs, free access to gas bottles, gas bottles secured with chains, extinguishers, etc.).
  • Ensure continuous surveillance (workers, smouldering fires, etc.).
  • Wear personal protective equipment.
  • Protect combustible materials.
  • Caulk cavities, holes and cracks.
  • Cool down metal parts being welded.
  • Ensure the maintenance and repair of the equipment.
  • Check the condition of the gas bottles regularly.