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Handling of solvents, acids and bases

Acids, bases and solvents are widely used in the chemical industry. The presentations provide an explanation on the harm that acids, bases and solvents can have on human beings and on the environment.The principle of substitution is explained to the reader, as well as the technical and organizational measures to implement to reduce the exposure to these substances.

Handling of solvents, acids and bases


For both presentations:

  • General concepts
  • Hazards
  • Prevention measures
    • Substitution
    • Technical measures
    • Organizational measures

Key Messages


  • Solvents present risks for the environmental, health and safety.
  • Most frequently, solvents are commercialized as mixtures.
  • Their proprieties need to be known in order to be able to apply adequate risk reduction measures.

Acids and bases

  • The main hazards associated with the use, storage and transport of acids and bases are environmental hazards and health hazards.
  • Substitution aims at reducing the risks of health and environmental hazards.
  • A thorough risk analysis has to be conducted prior to introducing any new substances or processes.
  • Planned prevention measures can be technical or organizational.