Safety in gas tank handling

Gas tanks are a potential source of damage, when not properly handled. This presentation provides specific information on the handling of gaseous substances used in the chemical industry, in particular in their correct storage.

The reader will learn about potentially hazardous situations due to the presence of reactive chemicals or improper handling techniques (technical and structural measures).

Safety in gas tank handling


  • Context
    • Types of gas cylinders
    • Gas properties
    • Gas classes and main hazards
  • Safety precautions and prevention measures
    • Technical and structural measures
    • Organizational measures

Key Messages

  • Chemical and physical properties of gases can greatly differ. The workers should be informed about these properties. Labels provide fundamental information.
  • In the presence of flammable gases, cooling systems and extinguishers should be installed.
  • Premises containing gases that pose a high hazard to the environment should be equipped with water systems.
  • Every gas installation must undergo a leakage test before any commissioning and after any transformation or repair.
  • An emergency plan should always be defined.