Safety rules

This presentation provides an introduction to universal safety rules for industry workers to be applied to ensure personnel safety when carrying out simple operations. The user will get an overview of safety rules to be applied when handling chemicals and will be directed to other specific toolkit subtopics to have complementary information on personnel safety and the implementation of the rules in industry.

Safety rules


  • General safety rules
  • Use of chemicals safety rules

Key Messages

  • Recognize hazards
  • Take precautions to avoid slipping, stumbling, falling
  • Do not be in a rush
  • Use your personal protective equipment
  • Set up your workplace ergonomically
  • Protect your skin
  • Follow electricity safety rules
  • Keep escape routes free
  • React: alarm and first aid
  • Never feel ashamed to ask
  • Follow safety rules when using chemicals (storage, protection, ventilation, waste, etc.)