Skin protection

Skin diseases are widely spread among the chemical handling personnel. This presentation provides an introduction to skin protection methods through the description of harmful substances, their physical actions and the skin reaction they can induce. The presentation explains the potential harm of substances and presents a summary of measures to be implemented to ensure skin protection. The user will read about skin protection measures, such as substitution, as well as technical, organizational and behavioral measures.

Skin protection


  • Introduction
    • Context
    • Functions of the skin
    • Risks and causes of skin diseases
    • Effects of harmful substances
  • Protective measures

Key Messages

  • The skin is directly exposed to external aggressions and naturally protects us.
  • For new workplaces and for complex processes in general, a risk analysis is essential.
  • According to product information and the results of the risk analysis, technical, organizational, behavioural measures should be implemented.