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Storage of hazardous materials

The presence of hazardous substances in a company involves special rules for handling, processing, disposal and storage of such substances. This presentation explains the rules to be applied when establishing storage systems. The reader will learn about the use of the systems providing illustrations of technical solutions, general storage rules and specific rules for each storage category (including incompatibilities).

Storage of hazardous materials


  • Introduction
  • Storage concept
  • Technical solutions
    • General storage rules
    • Specific rules for each storage category
    • Specific storage incompatibilities
  • Examples

Key Messages

  • A storage concept aims at :
    • Matching local conditions and measures to the hazards of stored products
    • Identifying conflicts and adjustment of storage
    • Complying with legal requirements
  • Technical solutions should be applied to adequately manage storage rules. Specific rules for each storage category should be established.

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