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VOC emission abatement techniques – surface cleaning | IAMC

VOC emission abatement techniques – surface cleaning

This presentation gives an overview of surface cleaning techniques, methods and requirements in the chemical industry with a particular focus on the role of solvents. It introduces the reader to the potential of abatement of solvent use due to the introduction of improved cleaning technologies, including solvent recovery systems.

VOC emission abatement techniques – surface cleaning


  • Solvent use, emissions and environmental impact
  • Surface cleaning: VOC abatement techniques
    • Use of cleaning machines
    • Enclosed cleaning machines
    • Solvent-based cleaning forms
    • Best practices and further process improvements
  • Good practice examples

Key Messages

  • Large  amounts of energy, time and personnel resources are allocated to cleaning activities.
  • Cleaning procedures are often delicate (associated with risks for staff and environment).
  • Abatement techniques are available for surface cleaning, as (enclosed) cleaning machines, solvent-based cleaning forms and other practices and further process improvements.
  • Optimal abatement option should be studied according to the cleaning needs and the solvent use of each company.