VOC emission substitution techniques – surface cleaning

This presentation gives an overview of cleaning techniques, methods and requirements in the chemical industry with a particular focus on the role of solvents. It introduces the reader to the potential of substitution of VOC solvent use due to the introduction of improved cleaning technologies, including solvent recovery systems.

VOC emission substitution techniques – surface cleaning


  • Solvent use, emissions and environmental impact
  • Surface cleaning: Substitution techniques
    • Water-based cleaning systems
    • Carbon dioxide cleaning
    • Plasma technology
    • UV cleaning
    • Laser cleaning
    • Thermal paint stripping
  • Good practice example

Key Messages

  • The volatile proprieties of VOC solvents induce a high percent losses.
  • Several solvent substitution technique with less harmful substances or technologies are available.
  • The initial financial and personnel training investment needs to be balanced with the long term saves in terms of solvent consumption and emissions.